Our dying mission:

Rescue the Hawaiian shirt from its kitschy niche.

Hawaiians for Everyone:

Our Unisexy Philosophy

And in case you were wondering...

Tombolo (Noun):

Enough talk. Take me shopping!

Tombolo’s founders, Mike and Chris, grew up together in New York City, attending the same schools from age 6 to 22. They share a passion for Hawaiian shirts and they always fail to live up to the golden rule of entrepreneurship: Never Get Hawaii On Your Own Supply.

For me, a Hawaiian shirt is the perfect memento in the moment. I can remember the story behind just about every one I own-- and I own way too many-- whether it’s the winding street in Zanzibar where I found it, the friend who bought it for me in a California vintage shop, or the story behind the artwork… and they only get better with age as I graft my own stories onto them with every wear— the trip where it was the only shirt I packed, a night filled with mistakes I don’t quite regret, or the one I wore to my sister’s wedding rehearsal…"


The first Hawaiian I ever got was from my dad at age seven.  It instantly became my prized possession -- the only article of clothing I actually cared about. The shirt was so big I could still wear it when it came time for middle school dances. I wore it like a coat of armor, daring me not to be a wallflower. Over the years I dug deeper into the Hawaiian shirt’s history, and learned about why it ended up so spectacularly different from everything else in my closet. I found influences reaching far beyond the shores of Hawaii to Japan, Tahiti, England, France, California, and beyond. There was no grand plan. This shirt was born out of a wildly eclectic mix of cultures over hundreds of years."


We've set out on a road towards the perfect tropical shirt. Please reach out with any questions (no matter how esoteric), ideas (no matter how outlandish), or complaints (no matter how small). Or stop by anytime: we're based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.